The PW Policy Council is responsible for developing and approving the rules and policies that will govern
the management of the PW domain.

The set of policies under development by the task force include:

Policy 1: Namespace Structure
Policy 2:
Registration Restrictions
Policy 3: Acceptable Use
Policy 4: Enforcement of Use/Restrictions
Policy 5: Reserved Names
Policy 6: Whois Access
Policy 7:
Intellectual Property Rights
Policy 8:
Dispute Resolution Policy
                Dispute Rules
                Dispute Rules
                DRP compared to WIPO UDRP

Policy 9:
Business Rules
Policy 10:
Wildcarding Strategy

For example, the proposed Namespace Structure is to designate six second level domains for the
exclusive use by the Palauan Internet community. The proposed list is:

The PW Policy Council is planning to publish their proposed policies before final approval is decided.
Any member of the Palauan Internet community is encouraged to contact any member of the PW Policy
Council with their questions. The members of the PW Policy Council are:

  1. Hayes Moses/Jonathan Temol: Ministry of Commerce & Trade (Chair)
  2. Reg Bennett: Computers Plus
  3. Conrad Ellechel: Ministry of Finance
  4. Ernie Fran: Gibbons Enterprises Corporation, Inc.
  5. Sherman Kohama: Ministry of Health
  6. Francis Matsutaro: Palau International Coral Reef Center
  7. Walter Morton: Rock Islands Computer Institute
  8. Imelda Nakamura: Law Offices of Imelda Nakamura
  9. Maria Ngemaes: National Weather Service
  10. Edwel Ongrung: Ministry of Education
  11. Philip Reklai: PRA Computer Sales & Services
  12. Bruce Rimirch: Palau Community College
  13. Tina Rechuchr: Belau National Museum
  14. Yusim Sato: House of Delegates, 6th OEK - Palau National Congress
  15. Helga Sharp: Apostolic Foundation Church & Civic Action Team
  16. Lucy Sugiyama: Palau Pacific Resort & Belau Tourism Association
  17. Brenda Tarimel: Palau National Communications Corporation
  18. Feliciano Watanabe/Adora Ngiramolau: The Senate, 6th OEK - Palau National Congress

October 2012 Update:

The rest of the PW second level namespace is being used for international use branded as the
"Professional Web". For more information, please visit